SuS service which enables customers to buy from online shopping websites which are located outside their home country. For example, a customer residing in UAE can buy things from Indian shopping websites such as Flipkart, Amazon or Snapdeal and receive them in UAE through SuS service.
Generally, Ecommerce websites deliver things to the address which are located inside their operating countries. They do not deliver to International addresses. This is where SuS service comes in handy.
SuS will provide local address to the customer. The customer has to enter their Name along with their Account No. in the Name Field and SuS mailbox as delivery address in the Shipping Address field when he/she does shopping on ecommerce website. The shipment will be delivered to SuS Warehouse Ecommerce website. SuS will dispatch the shipment to the customer who purchased the things from website.
You can check our My Addresses page to know about the Shopping Locations.
The customer has to make the payment to the website when he/she does shopping. We will accept COD shipment on behalf of you by Assisted Purchase options from online websites.
First, the customer has to contact local SuS office of the country that he/she wants to make purchase from, through email. Provide the details about the things that you are going to shop such as value of the product, description etc., After getting confirmation from SuS office, customer can proceed with the purchase.
After completing your purchase, you have to share information about the order with us. When we receive the shipment from shopping website, we will examine the shipment and let you know about the products and quantities we have received.
The customer has to contact the merchant/supplier about the issue. SuS is not responsible for the wrong order and it will not make any communication with the merchant/supplier.
We will send it back to the supplier after receiving courier charges from you.
No. There are few restrictions. As you aware, International shipments are subjected to customs clearance. There are some products which are acceptable in one country are banned in other countries. We do not ship products which are prohibited by law of the country, restricted items which requires prior permissions, Electrical and Electronic items, any liquid items, perfumes and spray items, cosmetics, high value shipments etc. This is the reason why we need prior information about the products which you are going to purchase.
SuS office will intimate the customer through email when the shipment arrives from online shopping website. We will provide information such as AWB No, estimated delivery date and delivery cost. Customer can track the shipment in our website using the AWB no provided.
Customer can make the payment through Online Using Credit Card from our Pay Online Section or at the time of delivery of the shipment ( if the COD option available in your country).
Yes. It is customer responsibility to make the customs duties for the products that are ordered by him/her. Duty amount will be decided by the customs of destination country. Customs duty will be based on the invoice amount and it varies country to country. SuS will inform the customer about the duties levied by customs and the shipment will be cleared upon payment of such duty.
SuS takes responsibility for the shipment when it reaches its facility from supplier and until the delivery to the customer. Our liability in case of any loss or damage to the shipment shall not exceed USD 250 or actual value of the products, whichever is lower.
It depends upon the country you are living in. If you are residing in UAE, we will deliver the shipments to your home/office. If you are residing in other countries, it depends upon the delivery options available in that country. It will be communicated to the customer well in advance.
You can send a mail to or fill the form Contact US page